September 23, 2019

Act Party Coup – Heather Roy faces the chop

This former Territorial Army Engineer is going to have her work cut out to build bridges at todays caucus meeting

New Zealand ACT Party MP Heather Roy’s deputy leadership role is on the line at the party caucus meeting today.

Act Party caucus meetings are a cosy affair with only five MP’s if everyone shows up. Things have been a bit awkward since the end of last year when Heather Roy made noises via her puppet master Sir Roger Douglas about Rodney Hide needing to dance off into the sunset involuntarily.

Things are a bit awkward for the Government too. Heather Roy as part of the coaliton agreement is Minister of Consumer Affairs and an Associate Minister of Defence and Education. If she is sacked then her replacement as ACT No.2 would have to be either John Boscawen or David Garret, as Prime Minister John Key has previously stated that Sir Roger Douglas will never be in cabinet.

The most relieved man in Parliament right now will be Labour leader Phil Goff. For once the other lot are tearing themselves apart from within.