September 23, 2019

Anna Chapman’s Moscow photo shoot gets leaked

Poor Anna Chapman is climbing up the walls with frustration at not being allowed to live in New York or London anymore

Anna Chapman the Russian spy who was expelled last month from the United States has surfaced again in Moscow, doing what she does best – posing for photo’s.

Her photo shoot for Russian Mens magazine Heat has ended up not so exclusive when a video clip of her shoot ended up on tabloid news site – Life News. Anna also posted one of the photos on her facebook page.

Owners of the magazine are now reportedly sueing Chapman for breaching her contract with them by leaking the pictures.

Anna Chapman wasn’t much good at spying but she is outstanding at maximising publicity for herself. The magazine photo shoot would have been big news, but the story around the alleged leak of the pictures is much bigger.

Ms. Chapman had better be wary though. There are a lot safer cities in the world to piss people off than Moscow. We would not want her next photo shoot to be her being pulled from the Moskva river.