March 19, 2019

Australian Parliament ‘hung’

Careful Julia, someone is sneaking up behind you. It is not the big bad wolf but I would be nervous if I were you

The Australian elections have resulted in a deadlock for the first time in 70 years. Guy Fawkes tried to blow his up, but the Aussie have been more hands-on and hung their parliament.

Both sides will be hoping that special votes will produce a winner otherwise the independent MP’s will be enjoying grovelling calls from Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott looking for their support.

Days like this are hog heaven for minor players as Party Leaders scramble to find their phone numbers, learn their names and find out any facts about them that will make them appear chummy and friendly.

It has been fascinating to watch Gillard and Abbott not knowing quite what to do. They will have rehearsed the ‘winning’ look and the ‘losing’ look but the ‘hung’ look? It has not really been done before so their highly paid ‘spin doctors’ might actually have to earn their money for a change.

Stay tuned for more shots of Gillard and Abbott trying to show leadership by smiling and waving a lot.

Imagine if we wound the clock back 20 years and told the people back then that one of the major election issues of 2010 would be the provision of broadband internet services to rural areas there would be a fair bit of head scratching going on.