July 19, 2019

Bear family hunted, drugged and evicted by humans in Florida

Yeah thats right walk away from me bro. You can't even look me in the jar can you?

A solo bear mother in Florida trying to raise her cubs the best she can has had a nasty brush with humans the Bearly Sober newspaper reported today.

Momma black bear and her three cubs Huey, Dewey, and Louie had been getting by raiding trash bins in the Ocala forest in Florida near the human settlement of Weirsdale. Momma bears partner was a loser who had shot through a while back and she was left with no option but to scavenge for the food that Humans had left out.

Momma bear in an exclusive interview with Bearly Sober said “I know what you thinkin, what was she doing taking those bear cubs around the humans for, but what choice did I have? We gotta eat and their no-good father has been gone a while.”

She went onto say that Louie the youngest got his head stuck in a trap set by the humans and she couldn’t free him from it. “The humans kept looking for us, they were calling my boy ‘Jarhead’ and making fun of him because he was ‘different’ so we went on the run, but they kept hunting us for weeks.

“Eventually one of them shot me with a drug gun and I was out cold. Huey and Dewey were hiding in the bushes, they said Louie put up a hell of a fight, but they got him. It turned out all they wanted was their bear trap back. Then they punished us for running away with their trap and shifted us to a place in the forest that we didn’t know and where there is not much food. What am I goin to do now? Why do the humans keep picking on us? Is it because we are black or something?”

If any bears out there want to make a donation to help Momma bear and her cubs then Bearly Sober is collecting on their behalf.

This is yet another instance of the humans moving into bear areas and punishing bears for being bears. What are we supposed to do? It is all we know. Do they expect us to live on nothing and still pose for photos with tourists like some kind of brain dead Yogi bear?

Below is the human propaganda version of the story. Warning that some content may offend bears.