May 24, 2019

Boost for BP as Obama Swims in Gulf of Mexico

Barack and Sasha swimming in the Gulf of Mexico - or are they?

President Barack Obama went swimming off the coast of Florida and declared the Gulf area’s beaches “open for business,” trying to show by example that a region hit by the BP oil spill was safe for tourists to enjoy.

It was a cunning PR boost for BP to get the President of the United States to do a photo opportunity with his daughter, swimming in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Conspirarcy theorists are already likening it to the moon landings as a suspect piece of film. Water looks like water anywhere, who says it is the gulf? The White House only released the still picture of Obama and Sasha swimming after the Presidents Press conference.

Even if it was the Gulf of Mexico Obama was swimmingin BP couldn’t go wrong. If there was still oil around it wasn’t going to be very obvious on the dark skinned President. Someone like JFK would have surfaced looking like one of the old black and white minstrels, but not our Barack.

There were rumours of a ‘crude’ plot by conservative oil interests to get the President to swim in a stretch of oily water about to get torched in a burn off. But it came to nothing as did the alleged unleashing of the killer sea bass from the Austin Powers movies.