March 19, 2019

Chris Carter Saga twist #17 – MP not well

Chris take note: Tuataras' keep their head down, stay still and don't make a fuss. That formula has seen them outlive the rest of the dinosaurs.

It has been announced that Chris Carter is ‘unwell’ and is seeking two months off work to seek treatment. The MP has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks over historical ministerial spending and a lame coup attempt.

Labour Party President Andrew Little announced “The Labour Party has been advised that Chris Carter is unwell, that he is getting appropriate help, and that he will be on leave from Parliament for approximately two months.”

Reminds me a bit of the Soviet era when someone who had stepped out of line from the Party would suddenly be pronounced ‘unwell’ and promptly disappear for ‘treatment’ somewhere.

All the best from newswarped Chris. Democracy needs it’s share of mavericks for it to stay healthy. A collection of ‘yes’ men and women will only lead to exceedingly daft decisions being made because everyone is too scared question anything.