May 19, 2019

Colombia and Venezuela restore diplomatic relations

Juan wears a white shirt and Hugo wears a flag while Hugo talks about himself

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his newly elected Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, have agreed to restore diplomatic relations.

Last month Chavez cut ties with Colombia when they accused Venezuela of harbouring left-wing rebels.

At a meeting in the Santa Maria,Colombia, the two leaders agreed to kiss and make up. They acknowledged they had personal differences but agreed to put them aside for the sake of their countries. They didn’t exchange rings but they did agree to exchange ambassadors.

Santos said “We have had a frank, direct and sincere dialogue, and I think we have taken a big step in re-establishing confidence.” Which translates roughly to we had a massive argument and agreed to disagree.

Chavez said “We have to learn to live together.” Which is suprisingly short for a Hugo statement. There are suspicions that was all that was repeatable in public.

Hopefully this is an important step in defusing what has become an economically costly dispute that threatened to turn from words to war.