May 24, 2019

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan stuck in Australia over tax bill

Paul Hogan and wife Linda Kozlowski torn apart by the Australian Tax Office. I would sort it out quick if I were you Paul. Wouldn't want to leave a fine looking woman like that all alone in California.

Paul Hogan the star of Australia’s most successful film Crocodile Dundee has been prevented from leaving Australia by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) over an alleged unpaid multi-million dollar tax bill.

The ATO served papers on Hogan when he returned to Sydney for his 101 year old mothers funeral recently. There is something universal about government tax collectors the world over, that they will pursue their victim regardless of circumstances and showing no hint of compassion.

Paul Hogan is alleged to have put AUS$37.6m of film royalties in offshore tax havens and the ATO want their slice of it. Hogan denies the claim, saying he had “paid plenty of tax” in Australia. Newswarped thinks that maybe the ATO is looking for a bit more detail than ‘plenty’, which doesn’t really cut it as an accounting term.

Because the ATO is part of the government they make the rules so their order prevents the actor from leaving Australia until any alleged tax debts are paid or arrangements made for the tax liability to be discharged.

Hogan’s lawyer Andrew Robinson said Hogan was “stunned and very disappointed the government could treat him as a flight risk. He denies the liability asserted by the ATO and has filed objections which have not been the subject of any response.” Newswarped notes that this is normal behaviour for tax offices who operate in a different timezone to everyone else.

The only coment that the ATO has made on the matter is to say that they are not comenting on it. A spokesperson said “As he is an individual taxpayer, we can make no comment.” Ok so back the truck up here. Didn’t they just call him a ‘taxpayer’. I thought they were detaining him in Australia because he was NOT a taxpayer. Goes to show with governments sometimes you just can’t win.