September 26, 2018

First Aboriginal MP elected in Australia

New MP Ken Wyatt - Many redneck voters got confused because they thought an Aboriginal man was someone drunk,unemployed and in prison.

Ken Wyatt has become the first indigenous Aboriginal to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives. The Liberal candidate has won the seat of Hasluck in Western Australia in the Federal Elections.

Some voters are apparently upset that such a thing has happened and sent Mr. Wyatt unusual congratulatory messages that said they would not have voted for him if they had known he was indigenous. That has raised some concern about the quality of the Australian education system. What did they think he was? – A white guy with a tan?

Meanwhile back at the Federal Election ‘soap opera’ where the Liberals have 73 seats and the Labor Party 72, the fight for the support of the four independent MP’s and one Green MP continues.

Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott seem to be wanting to play hard-ball with these king-maker MP’s rather than just getting down to the serious business of sucking up to them big-time and gaining their support to get their ambitious, power hungry butts back into power. To take charge of the country either Gillard or Abbott need to muster 76 seats.

Newswarped thinks they had better get a move on because the longer they take to decide who won the election, the more people are going to realise that the country can run itself just fine without the negative, expensive, irritating politicians having claiming all the credit -and the taxes.