March 21, 2019

Flight Attendants story down the chute too? + crazy animated video

Yeah its easy to smile now steve when there are no passengers

The US flight attendant who exited a plane after a meltdown with a passenger is having his story questoned by others on the plane.

Steven Slater said he made his famous exit after a passenger’s bag hit his head just after the plane landed in New York.

But some passengers said he already had a gash on the head at the start of the flight. Lauren Wood said “When I got on the flight, he was sitting near the exit row … He already had a cut on his head and it was bleeding,” and he just said, ‘You won’t believe the day that I had,’ and that was right at the beginning of the flight when I boarded.”

Others said he was rude and instigated the confrontation that ended when he activated the emergency chute to get out of the plane.

Whatever the truth Steven Slater is an official five minute celebrity, and next week no one will remember his name. It will take longer to erase the mental picture of a guy grabbing two beers and having a hissy fit before sliding down to the unemployment queue though.


  1. What an awesome way to epxilan this-now I know everything!