May 24, 2019

Gillard rules out campaigning with Rudd

Sorry Kevin, I am desperate but not that desperate. Mmm like your arm

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she and predecessor, Kevin Rudd, will not be campaigning alongside each other before election day.

Ms Gillard said she had spoken with Mr Rudd about his involvement in the campaign during talks in Brisbane today.

“Kevin and I sat down this morning to talk about his involvement in the campaign,” Ms Gillard said. “Kevin and I share a deep set of beliefs, a deep set of beliefs, about the future of this country.”

She said she and Mr Rudd would campaign separately to “maximise spread” in a number of seats but refused to say where, citing campaign protocol. I guess if they say in advance where they are campaigning there might be traffic jams caused by people trying to get away.

Ms Gillard apparently became tetchy when questioned if there was any physical contact between the two, for example a handshake, saying “reality exists whether you [the media] are there or not”. A bizarre reply to a bizarre question.