January 16, 2019

Japan Apologizes to Korea for colonial rule

Sorry South Korea - any sincere apology is better late than never

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has apologized to South Korea for the harsh Japanese rule imposed in the early decades of the 20th Century.

In his statement, Prime Minister Naoto Kan expressed “deep regret over the suffering inflicted” during Japan’s rule. Japan has apologized before but did it again on the 100th anniversary of Japans annexation of the Korean Peninsula.

The bonus ‘steak knife’ part of the deal for South Korea is that Japan will also hand back cultural artifacts they have been holding for safe keeping for a long time. Not much mention of North Korea in all this. It was a ‘southern sorry’ not a ‘northern sorry’.

In the 35 years of Japanese rule that ended in 1945 it is estimated that the Japanese military forced around 200,000 Korean and Chinese women to serve them as sex slaves. Thousands of men were used as forced labour.

We live in hope but perhaps the United States Government could follow Japans example and start issuing some apologies for some of their colonial attrocities in places like the Phillipines and Colombia. I guess those with the most missiles don’t need to apologize to anyone.