September 26, 2018

Kagame wins Rwandan election with 93% of vote

He might look like the school library monitor but opposing him can be a life ending experience

Rwanda president Paul Kagame is headed for a second seven-year term in office as preliminary results have him winning the election with 93% of the votes cast.

Mr Kagame urged his supporters to await the final tally, but said he did not expect the outcome to change and the apparent margin of his win came as little surprise.

In the last election in 2003, Mr Kagame won with 95% of the vote. He will now dedicate his efforts to finding out who the 2% were that turned against him from last time.

When it comes to democracy any politician that can manage a win with 93% of the vote is either a superstar who has done great things for the country or a tyrant who has stomped on the opposition.

Kagame is a bit of both. He came to power in 1994 when his rebel army stopped the genecide that claimed an estimated 800,000 lives in Rwanda. He has brought economic stability and a level of prosperity to the country, but his human rights record is a mixed bag. Some opposition politicians have been murdered, newspapers closed down and some rival parties prevented from fielding candidates in the election. It seems in Africa, stability often comes at a price.

Kagame celebrated the ‘victory’ by dancing, surrounded by his family and a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters at the Amahoro Stadium in Kigali.