July 19, 2019

Lone Bee takes out truck and power to 1700 houses

Like an earthquake it was the truck the pole and all because of me..I\’m a prospect for the Killer Beez now I am. I got serious sting in my tail

It is the stuff of superheroes, a lone bee small but determined lines up a truck and takes it out. Not just the truck but the power supply to 1700 homes in Auckland, New Zealand.

Many people dream of making an impact on their world, and this bee has certainly made an impact beyond his size.

A truck belonging to a landscaping business was being driven along the Whitford-Maraetai Rd about midday yesterday. The driver claims that a bee flew into his face. As he tried to swat it away, he missed a bend, ploughing through a power pole, some bushes and a fence, only stopping because it tangled up in the power lines.

Mrs Hughes the lady whose house it nearly hit said said the power pole “leapt” into the air and crashed into the truck’s open trailer. “It made a hell of a racket … It was phenomenal, like an earthquake almost.”

The driver had to be cutfrom the vehicle and was badly dazed, suffering moderate injuries. “He was talking about the bee, how he was trying to bat it off his face.” Mrs Hughes said.

Most of the homes had the power reconected within a couple of hours, but 25 of them were still waiting the next morning.

No word on how the bee is, but it is safe to say the legend is growing back at the hive.

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