May 22, 2019

Make your dog look like a panda – Pet dyeing craze takes off in China

Dog as a Panda. Looks convincing - stick it in zoo and charge lots to look at it. The Panda Hamster might not look as authentic though.

Dog dyeing makeovers are the latest pet craze in China and Japan. A dog named Kung Fu, has become a celebrity pet in Beijing after he got a dye job that makes him look like a panda bear.

His owners, husband and wife Li Changxian and Yang Kun, say they love pandas so much they decided to give their dog a makeover. The fur around his eyes, ears and paws have been dyed black, and the rest bleached white.

“I think he loves it,” says Li. “Since he’s been dyed, he gets lots of love and attention.” Passersby stare in awe, as Kung Fu bounds down the street. Children can’t wait to pet him.

Anything is possible all you need is a dog and one of many ‘pet spa’s’ in Beijing will turn it into whatever you want. So far such things as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and tigers have been done.

Some veterinarians are rightly warning against the practice because the dyes being used are not meant for animals – only humans. Now that is ironic isn’t it? The packaging could say – no dyes tested on humans in the manufacture of this product.

There have been reports that some ‘back street’ dye jobs have required extensive medical treatment to bring some dogs back to full health when they have had bad reactions to their new paint job.