March 21, 2019

Massive traffic jam in China – 9 days of looking at the guy in front

Stationary cars and trucks as far as the eye can see all burning fossil fuels - civilization has made excellent progress

The motorway (National Expressway 110) between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Chinese capital of Beijing has been clogged by a traffic jam that started on August 14 and stretched for more than 100 km (62 miles) forcing drivers to start a new life for themselves on the roadside.

Thousands of trucks are the mainstay of the gridlock, which has been further enhanced by nose to tail accidents and breakdowns – both mechanical and mental.

Some drivers played cards to pass the time, while others fumed about nearby vendors taking advantage of their predicament by gouging food prices.

The congestion has been caused mainly by construction work on a section of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway which has forced more traffic onto National Expressway 110, which runs roughly parallel.

This short report from Chinese television is in Chinese for your convenience. In the old days it would have been easy to translate it because it would have been all about Capitalist Imperialist enemies of the State causing traffic chaos.