July 17, 2019

Mourinho preparing to return Real Madrid to the top

In the words of The Pretenders - "I'm special, so special, gonna have some of your attention, give it to me"

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho expects his team to return to the top of Spanish and European football.

To achieve this they will need to get past a powerful Barcelona side that has dominated in recent seasons.

Mourinho in typical fashion has no fear of the task that faces him in turning Real Madrid into champions again.”I hope so. I did it with Porto, I did it with Inter, with Chelsea we didn’t win the Champions League but we won two consecutive Premierships so, why not to do it with Real? It’s a big club, it’s a club with lots of good players. In this moment they have the motivation because they win nothing in the last years, but of course it’s not easy, because we have real opponents, and we have to be the team.”

Mourinho believes the key to unlocking Real’s talent is phychological and there needs to be self belief. If there was ever a football manager with more self belief than Mourinho I’d be very surprised.

Right from the time he turned up in the UK to coach Chelsea back in 2004 and joked that he was “The Special One” Mourinho has been able recite the key facts of his resume at the drop of a hat. If he wasn’t in football he would be in politics. 

Check out this quote “But you know, I won lots of things. I won 17 titles in the past 10 years, and I’m one of the three coaches that won two Champions Leagues with two different teams, so, I’m one of the good ones,” he said.

But just when you thought he was arrogant and self absorbed there is a flash of humbleness – “But to say I’m the Special One, I prefer not to say that, I just say ‘I have a nice system’.”

Well Mourinho’s ‘nice system’ will in all likelyhood bring some silverware back to Madrid this season. Real Madrid has long been a team full of individual stars who have failed to gel on the pitch enough to realise the sum of their talent. 

The signing of Mourinho to run the team is an inspired choice. Finally there is someone in charge who has got a bigger ego than the rest of the squad put together. His stars know that if they bow to Jose and follow his ‘nice system’ then they will win the titles they crave the most. The stuff that all their millions can’t buy. 

Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo are the undoubted cornerstones of this team, with newcomers Angel Di Maria and Ricardo Carvalho adding some steel.  

The most telling quote about Real’s current mindset comes not from Mourinho but from Spains World Cup winning captain Casillas “We’re all unified as one. We’re hard-working, humble people. People who fight hard, willing to struggle for the cause”.

I think Barcelona are going to have their work cut out this season to prevent Real Madrid winning the La Liga title and whoever dominates Spain is likely to dominate Europe.