June 25, 2019

NASA – Astronauts successfully repair space station cooling system

All fixed guys, now what is this rumour I hear about the space shuttles not flying anymore?

NASA has reported that the International Space Station’s cooling system appears to be working fine after Astronauts spent over seven hours fixing it on Monday.

Astronauts Doug Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson installed a spare ammonia pump module to replace a broken unit they removed last Wednesday. Wheelock attached four bolts and Caldwell Dyson mated five electrical connectors. Not much to show for seven hours but it was still cheaper than the callout fee from earth.

It was fortunate that the astronauts had the spare part they needed in stock. It was delivered back in 2006 by the space shuttle Discovery.

This was the third spacewalk in 10 days for Wheelock and Caldwell Dyson. They will probably do another to tidy up their mess made doing the previous work.

Rumours that the astronauts doing the repairs themselves is part of NASA budget cuts have been denied. The astronauts were given the option of learning how to fix the cooler themselves or slowly cooking. They chose to upskill themselves. It is one more certificate they can stick in their CV for when their astronauting days are over.