June 25, 2019

Obama confirms US troop withdrawl from Iraq

The President points in the direction where many of the troops in Iraq will end up - Afghanistan

US President Barack Obama has confirmed the end of all combat operations in Iraq by 31 August.

I hope they have told the militants because it would be a bit embarrassing if the US forces stopped fighting but the insurgents kept going.

Of the 65,000 US troops currently stationed in Iraq, 50,000 will remain until the end of 2011. The are supposed to train Iraqi security forces, conduct counter terrorism operations and provide civilians with ongoing security, said Mr Obama.

Forgive me Mr. President but isn’t that what they have been doing for the last few years. So but for dropping 15,000 soldiers it is business as usual for the next 18 months?

Are we allowed to ask about the 30,000 troop surge in Afghanistan and where that conflict is headed or does that not fit with this political ‘feel good’ story?