February 23, 2019

Pakistan President Zardari runs out of places to visit so goes home

Here noble homeless, poor, flood survivor - have this piece of paper - it is from France

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has turned up back in Pakistan again. After spending time in France and the UK he was faced with the agonising decision either to go into luxurious exile in the middle east or return to Pakistan and be photographed with poor people.

Zardari is to be applauded that he has turned his back on a sun filled life of luxury. Once someone becomes President of Pakistan their life expectancy drops drastically. If they don’t die in office it is only a matter of time – not much time. Half the country don’t want you the other half want you dead. To survive you must suck up to the United States of America which means the half that don’t want you, now want you dead as well.

On top of all that your country is being ravaged by flooding that is the worst in 80 years. From the Swat Valley in the north to Sindh province in the south, up to 15 million Pakistanis have been affected by the flooding. The death toll had risen to 1,343 with 1,588 injured. Over 350,000 people have had to be rescued. More than 722,600 houses and 4,600 villages have been damaged or destroyed. More than 1 million people are in need of clean water. Much of the agricultural industry has been wiped out.

But wait there’s more. Public health officials say there will be a second wave of deaths caused by water-borne diseases. The Taleban are spending more time bleating about the government than helping people, and because there are no westerners affected the money and aid is not ‘flooding in’ so to spead from abroad.

So if any of you out there are having a bad day, spare a thought for Asif Ali Zaradri the new posterboy for ‘no-win’ situations.

Rumours this was shot on a sound stage at Pinewood Studios, England are a bit far fetched. Althought they are some of the cleanest, best dressed natural disaster survivors that newswarped have seen in a long time.