March 21, 2019

Pygmy hippo baby a hit at Sydney Zoo

Kambiri - she looks like a .......well a Pigmy Hippo actually

Sydneys Taronga Zoo’s youngest pygmy hippo calf has made her public debut a month after her birth.

Kambiri, a Nigerian name meaning “allow me to join this family”, was born on June 26 and weighed 5.3 kilograms.

She has been growing fast, and weighed in at 16 kilograms before todays enclosure outing.

The World Conservation Union estimates that there are fewer than 3000 pygmy hippos remaining in the wild. They are a solitary forest-dwelling creature native to west Africa.

Kambiri’s mother is called Petre and her father is called Timmy. Timmy was the third most popular name for baby pygmy hippo’s last year.

Mother and daughter - Yep definately a slight family resemblance there