July 19, 2019

Russian PM Putin chases a whale with crossbow

Today it is a whale but what is he going to shoot next?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has had his photo taken chasing a whale with a crossbow. Putin has not taken up amateur whaling though, the crossbow fired a dart that collects a skin sample from the whale that helps scientists find out where it has come from.

Newswarped thinks that Vladimir had better be careful in those eastern waters. If the Japanese capture him in his little rubber boat with a crossbow they will charge him with all manner of crimes.

Comrade Putin has always enjoyed presenting himself as the strong man of action that Mother Russia needs. To Vladimir, President Medvedev is a convenient solution to a small constitutional problem that will be remedied in due course.

Previous Putin photo-opportunities include; shooting a Siberian tiger with a tranquilliser, fishing with no shirt on, releasing leopards at a wildlife sanctuary, attaching a tracking collar to a tranquillised polar bear and swimming in an icy river.