January 22, 2019

Treaty banning Cluster Bombs comes into force

A US Aircraft delivers it's cargo on another 'humanitarian' mission

A new global treaty banning cluster munitions has come into force.

The Convention on Cluster Munitions bans the stockpiling, use and transfer of virtually all existing cluster bombs, and also provides for the clearing up of unexploded munitions.

There has been growing international opposition to the use of cluster bombs in recent years because of their indiscriminate nature and rising civilian casualties. 

The charity Handicap International estimates that 98% of cluster bomb victims are civilians and nearly one-third are children.

The Convention has been adopted by 108 states, of which 38 have ratified it.

In true world power form, the United States of America, Russia, China and Israel have all ignored it. When it comes to taking decisive action on serious issues such as global warming and landmines, the world powers can always be relied upon to do…..well not a lot actually.  

The quote of the day goes to a US adminstration spokesperson who insisted cluster munitions are “legitimate weapons” with “clear military utility in combat”.

Yes and I guess they apply that logic to nuclear weapons as well. Like nuclear weapons, cluster bombs tend to get dropped on civilians.

Another enemy soldier taken out of action by cluster bomb made in America and delivered by Israel