March 21, 2019

Vampire Lovers – Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer marry

Hey Steve hope you are not thinking what I think you are thinking? Yeah I could totally suck the life out of that photographer

Anna Paquin has married True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, in a ceremony at a private residence in Malibu yesterday.

Elijah Wood was there to give a Hobbit flavour to the whole purple vampire theme thing.

New Zealand Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman was there too. He is married to Anna’s sister Katya. Russel said “there were constant helicopters” during the service.

Maybe they could do with these helicopters in Pakistan at the moment instead of uninvited guests with cameras using them to take pictures for magazines and news channels.

As part of the Newswarped ‘planet friendly’ policy we have only used a ground level file photo to tag this story.

Russel also said “Somehow they’ve managed to stay real in the middle of this unreal world. It was quite sweet.” Hate to break it to you Russel but she is a telepathic waitress and he is a vampire there is nothing ‘real’ about that. I know they are because I saw a programme on TV about them, so it must be true.

Paquin, 28 and Moyer, 40, announced their engagement in August last year, after falling for each other during filming of the hit television vampire series True Blood in 2008.

They delayed appearing in public together until February last year, a few months after they started dating, before announcing their engagement six months later. Moyer had proposed to Paquin at a beach in Hawaii.

One of the more unusual wedding albums of the year - and the bride wore...blood...Mmm...explain that to the Grand-kids