March 19, 2019

Will Ferrell scores with The Other Guys

The great Mark Wahlberg and some other guy

A strong opening weekend for the Will Ferrell cop comedy The Other Guys might mean we are experiencing a rare cinematic moment – a Ferrell movie that is both funny and successful.

The Other Guys opened in No.1 spot at the box office with a $40.5m take in its first weekend. That almost eclipsed the entire gross of last seasons Ferrell turkey – Land of the Lost.

What The Other Guys has that Ferrell has lacked in the past is a stellar cast headlined by Mark Wahlberg and including Samuel L Jackson, Anne Heche and Michael Keaton. Even The Rock and Eva Mendes are in there.

Forgive me if I sound less than charitable but 2005’s The Producers remains the only film I have never managed to last the whole way through. The emotional scars have still to heal – perhaps they never will.