May 19, 2019

Act Party MP David Garrett admits stealing dead childs identity

Got any more funny ideas for pranks David? Maybe stealing from orphans would fit with your line of thinking?

New Zealand Act Party MP David Garrett admitted yesterday that he was convicted in 2005 for obtaining a passport under a dead childs name.

Mr Garrett called his decision to copy the identity theft idea from the Frederick Forsyth novel The Day of the Jackel a “prank”. He also admitted that he was convicted of assault in Tonga in 2002.

Of course politicians do this kind of stuff all the time, but the problem for Garrett is that he is his parties law and order spokesperson and a major force behind the recent ‘three strikes’ legislation against violent offenders.

If Mr Garrett is looking like a goose about now spare a thought for his party leader Rodney Hide. David Garrett was open with Mr Hide about his convictions when he was approached to stand for the Act Party in the 2008 general election.

Rodney said it is what he does from now on that matters rather than what he has done in the past. That might be what Rodney thinks but it will not be what a big chunk of the electorate thinks.

Most New Zealanders can’t stomach hypocrites and someone who has been publicly sounding off against violent offenders for a while now loses credibility when it turns out he is one himself.

Also most Kiwis will not look too kindly on someone who thinks that committing a criminal offence by stealing a dead childs identity and putting a family through more distress is a bit of a prank.

Right now Heather Roy who was sacked as Act Deputy Party Leader by Hide and Garrett last month is looking like the sanest person left in the Act Party Caucus.

Prime Minister John Key must have thought that all his problems with coalition partners would come from the direction of the Maori Party. Little did he realise that the ‘brains’ of Act had left long ago leaving only whatever was lurking at the bottom of the barrel.