March 19, 2019

Alberto Contador fails drug test for banned substance

Alberto Contador loves his \’pistol\’ pointing. The gun barrel might just be pointing at his head at the moment.

Three time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has tested positive to a banned substance in news that will send shockwaves well beyond the cycling world.

Contador tested positive on July 21 this year with the analysis revealing traces of clenbuterol.

The World Anti-Doping Code categorises a product such as clenbuterol as a class S1 Anabolic Agent. Athletes in possession, using or attempting to use it face serious penalties, including a lifetime ban for second offences.

In cases of athlete abuse, clenbuterol is commonly used to strip fat and enhance muscle size. It also has short-term stimulating effects such as increases in aerobic capacity, blood pressure and alertness.

Contador has blamed food contamination for his positive test result. His publicist has released a statement saying “Alberto Contador is affected by a doping control at the last Tour de France on July 21, where it was found the substance clenbuterol.” Yes got that.

“From the time of the first communication from the UCI, August 24, Alberto Contador alleged food contamination as the only possible explanation of what happened and has been turned over to the cyclist authorities since then in the confidence that this very serius [sic] problem could be clarified, which now is plubic [sic].” Considering you have had two months to prepare this statement it is a bit of a worry that you couldn’t get the spelling right. Newswarped hopes you are not under the influence of any banned substance that is impairing your spelling judgement.

Contador is supposed to be fronting a press conference later today.

The publicist is still going though “The experts consulted so far have agreed also that this is a food contamination case, especially considering the number of tests passed by Alberto Contador during the Tour de France, making it possible to define precisely both the time the emergence of the substance as the tiny amount detected, ruling out any other source or intentionality.” Yes that was straight from page one of the ‘What to say if you get caught with clenbuterol in you system’ information sheet.

If Contador is found guilty of a doping offence, he will be stripped of this year’s Tour de France title and could be banned for a period to be determined. This is most likely two years on past instances.

Andy Schleck who lost to Contador by just 39 seconds in this years Tour de France and Australia’s Cadel Evans who was second to him in 2007 will be wondering where this leaves them.

Contador has never failed a drug test before but if he is found guilty he will join American Floyd Landis (the 2006 winner) as recent Tour winners who have had their titles stripped for positive drugs tests.

Team RadioShack rider Fuyu Li was banned for two years in August for testing positive to the drug.

Cases of food poisoning caused by clenbuterol have been widely reported in the past, but it is hard to imagine with the controlled diets that these elite cyclists are on that this could be a case of accidental poisoning.

We will wait and see what Alberto has to say for himself. The truth will always come out in the end.