January 16, 2019

Basque separatist group ETA announce ceasefire – again

Promo shot of the judging panel for the Basque Idol TV show. Looks like the 'burqa look' is in this year.

Basque separatist group ETA have announced a ceasefire through media outlets.

Unlike the ‘permanent’ ceasefire four years ago, ETA have promised to make sure the memo gets out to all their units this time. In 2006 the permanent ceasfire was permanent except for a major car bomb at Madrid Airport.

ETA in a grand statement calls on the Spanish Government to “agree to the minimum democratic solutions necessary to start a democratic process.” Perhaps it is a bit lost in translation but reading between the lines we can guess they – in the words of Mel ‘William Wallace’ Gibson want “a country of our own”.

For some reason over the years they have felt it neccesary to kill around 800 people to indicate that they not only wanted their own country, but they really, really wanted their own country.

The Spanish Authorities have clamped down on ETA in recent months making many arrests and uncovering a lot of bomb making gear and weapons.

Now that they have lost a lot of their toys, ETA are now thinking that peace is the way to go. The Spanish Governement won’t be in much of a mood to accommodate them after years of fear and suffering.

The Basque region in northern Spain already has considerable home-rule authority, with its own police, parliament, taxing power and control of health and education. But ETA wants the ‘full monty’ of complete independence, so they can live in poverty and start fighting among themselves.