May 19, 2019

Centre-Right coalition re-elected in Sweden

Don't worry it is not a fascist salute. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is just holding up his party manifesto.

Sweden’s ruling centre-right coalition has won re-election becoming the first non-socialist government to be elected for a second term in the country’s political history.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Center-Right Coalition is made up from the Moderates, Liberals, Christian Democrats and the Centre party. They have held on to power but lost their outright majority.

With 49.3 percent of the vote they will need to go looking for a new partner to join their club. The opposition Red-Green Coalition made up from the Social Democrats, Left Party and the Green Party won 43.7 percent of the vote.

The far-right anti-immigration Sweden Democrats Party made a strong showing, winning 5.7 percent of the vote and a place in the national parliament for the first time. With 20 seats, the party could wind up tipping the balance of power between the two major coalitions, although party leaders, including Reinfeldt, have vowed not to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats.

Power does funny things to politicians who are so close and yet so far. Don’t be surprised if some kind of non-public understanding is reached between the Centre-Right Coalition and the foreinger hating fascists.

Here’s hoping that there are enough independents there to help form a government. There is enough hate in the world without letting foreigner hating fascists have the deciding say on who rules Sweden.

The leader of Sweden’s Red-Green opposition coalition, Mona Sahlin, conceded defeat on Sunday night. She told her supporters “We have lost.” Which is quite short and to the point for a politician.

The ruling coalition’s strong mangement through the global economic crisis was the main reason for their re-election. Many of the more disadvantaged in Swedish Society have suffered from the austerity measures brought in by the governemnt, but it wasn’t enough to see the voters turn them out.