May 24, 2019

Chavez faces challenge in Venezuela elections

President Chavez tries to explain the size of his ego.

The United Socialist Party (PSUV) of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez faces a challenge for the first time in years as Venezuelans vote on a new parliament.

Chavez has admitted that his party is likely to lose seats to the opposition grouping Table for Democratic Unity. He appealed to voters to prevent a derailment of the Venezuelan “revolution” and denounced the opposition campaign as “Operation Demolition”.

The reason that Hugo is admitting that his party will lose seats is that in the last National Assembly elections back in 2005, the opposition parties boycotted the poll. Newswarped proverb say – ‘Two horse race always more of a contest than one horse race.’

President Chavez is hoping to hold on to a two-thirds majority in the Assembly. This would mean he can carry on doing what he wants.

Opinion polls suggest that the vote could be tight. But these can be predictably unpredictable in this part of the world.

Newswarped thinks that Chavez has done a lot of good things for Venezuela, but we would be more comfortable if the focus was more about the country and less about Hugo. Power does corrupt in the end if it is not shared.