April 24, 2019

China warns of strong counter measures against Japan

Ever wondered what a Chinese fishing boat captain looks like with blue blanket over is head? Wonder no more.

China has warned that it will take “strong counter measures” against Japan if a Chinese fishing captain held since last week is not released.

The captain was arrested earlier this month off the disputed Diaoyu Islands, in the East China Sea, after his vessel crashed into two Japanese patrol boats.

It is a bit of a worry that in such a large body of water the Chinese fishing boat managed to hit not one but two Japanese patrol boats.

Japanese boats are no strangers to colliding with other boats. They have a bit of a history of managing to connect with Sea Shepherd vessels in the Southern Ocean.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said “We demand the Japanese side immediately release the Chinese captain unconditionally.”

Japan have already given back the fishing boat and its 14 crew, but are hanging on to the Captain for now for obstructing public officers performing their duties.

China has cancelled a whole bunch of meetings about things like trade and transportation but are going to have to come up with something a bit more scary than that to frighten the Japanese.

Not being very specific, spokesperson Ma said “China will take strong counter measures if the Japanese side clings obstinately to its own course and double its mistakes, and Japan shall bear all the consequences,”

Anti-Japanese protests have been staged in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang.The Japanese Embassy in China has warned Japanese citizens in China to be on guard.