May 19, 2019

David Garrett resigns from ACT Party

ACT leader Rodney Hide and deputy John Boscawen at Auckland Airport. They are in charge of Heather Roy who hates them and Roger Douglas who hates them.

Act Party MP David Garrett has quit his party and conceded his political career is almost certainly over. He has left Parliament on two weeks leave and returned to Christchurch.

Since revelations of child identity theft and assault convictions surfaced this week Garrett has been under pressure to do the ‘honourable’ thing.

Despite having the support of Party president Michael Crozier and leader Rodney Hide, Garrett’s position was becoming increasingly untenable.

Once the media bloodhounds got to work researching previous documents, it was all over rover. The problem with deception is that unless someone comes clean, it leads to more deception.

To his credit Garrett made his criminal convictions known to leader Rodney Hide before he became an MP. Unfortunately he was not so forthcming with the judge deciding his identity theft case.

As a staunch law and order advocate his credibility was shot to pieces. The electorate cannot stomach hypocrites and liars and unfortunately for David Garrett he was ticking both boxes.

It seems that only now does he realise the gravity of what he has done and accepted the correct level of responsibility. He has gone from describing it as a “prank” and “a bit of a lark” to “I must take ultimate responsibility.” The price for that responsibility in todays currency is his parliamentary career.

Mr Garrett might have resigned from ACT, but he has yet to decide if he will stay on in parliament as an independent. Perhaps if he assumes the identity of a respectable dead politician he can carry on but it is hard to see his career going anywhere but down the toilet.