August 22, 2019

David Hicks may have book profits confiscated

Glad the Americans locked him up he was such a danger to the planet. We were all able to sleep easier at night knowing he was safely locked away without trial. Thank you George W. Bush for looking out for us.

Former Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks is unlikely to profit from the sales of a book about his experiences, the Australian Attorney-General’s Department says.

David Hicks was 26 when he was captured by the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in Afghanistan in late 2001. They believed the 26 year old Australian was fighting for Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network.

Hicks spent five years in Guantanamo Bay prison, Cuba in United States custody, without trial and subject to interrogation. He eventually ‘agreed’ to a plea bargain and was convicted of ‘providing material support to terrorism’ by a US military commission hearing in 2007.

Sentenced to seven years’ jail, but ordered to serve only nine months, with the rest of his sentence suspended he was returned to Australia to serve his sentence.

Released in late 2007, Hicks has never spoken publicly about the events leading up to, during and after his prolonged stay at Guantanamo Bay.

Random House publisher Nikki Christer says Mr Hicks’ memoir, Guantanamo: My Journey, will dispel myths about his life before he was imprisoned, and his search for a normal life following his release from Adelaide’s Yatala Jail in December 2007. The book goes on sale in mid-October.

Under Australia’s Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, Mr Hicks is unable to profit from his ordeal. “The Proceeds of Crime Act could be applied to Mr Hicks, should he profit from his conviction,” a spokesperson from the Attorney-General’s Department told AAP.

She said a decision to take action against him, if he profited from his book, would be taken up by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Newswarped thinks that there have been few symbols of hypocrisy greater than than the Guantanamo Bay prison. Hicks deserves any profit he makes from his book. It has taken him two years to write it
and he has never sought to profit from his long imprisonment without trial before.

It would be true to type though for the authorities to go after him just because they can. The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is great for punishing convicted drug dealers and other such scum who have gotten rich from their crime. It was not designed to punish someone who was captured in a foreign country and spent six years in prison. If David Hicks makes a few thousand dollars for his story, then good luck to him.


  1. anne brady says

    As far as I’m concerned the US makes mistakes many & refuse to admit it with David Hicks ,Jullian Assange . so much for freedom of speach, pack of hypocrits .. Recently refused to prosecute a mad religious group that disrupts and insults soldiers funerals also victims of disasters in the name of God ( total CRud) Us lets them off with out charge , all in the name of freedom of speech .What hypocrisy.You can Kill Bin Laden ,can’t get rid of drug lords or measly pushers when even the public know who’s who, total farce ..Leave Hicks alone and Assange the world needs more Assanges …Keep the powers that be Honest .