May 24, 2019

Ed Miliband Elected UK Labour Party Leader

Mr Ed wins by a nose from Davy Boy.

Ed Miliband has won the UK Labour Party leadership after narrowly beating brother David in a run-off vote ahead of the party’s conference.

In a vote that looked more like a Survivor TV episode, the challengers were eliminated one by one leaving brothers David and Ed Miliband the last two standing. David had been in front most of the way but when the third and fourth preference votes came onto play it was Ed who came out the winner by only 1%.

So what has Ed won? Well not a million dollars. He has won the right to lead the Labour Party into the next election. In this election he will likely lose to a Tory government who are unlikely to be one term wonders.

Regardless of the eventual outcome of Ed Milibands leadership, his defeat of his big brother is a blow struck for oppressed little brothers everywhere. A poster child of hope that one day you might just beat the older bloke to something he wants really badly.