September 23, 2019

Egypt hosts Palestinian-Israeli peace talks

Everyones favourite threesome coming soon to a resort near you. Pictured here doing Washington a few weeks ago.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheik next week.

Hillary is going to have another crack at Middle-East peace. It is hard not to get cynical when this lot get together. Hamas aren’t showing up of course. They didn’t like the lack of mini bar facilities at the resort.

The Palestinians don’t want the Israeli’s to build more settlements. The Israeli’s just want the Palestinians to go and live in Mongolia.

On Monday, Clinton said it was time for both sides to get “down to business”. Well it was actually time to ‘get down to business’ fifty years ago, but whats a few decades between enemies.

Israel says they might not build all the houses they plan to on the West Bank, but the chief Palestinian negotiator said there could be no “half solutions”. Most of us who still give a toss, would be ecstatic about a half solution. Even a quarter solution is looking good at the moment.

The shortest odds at the bookies are for the peace talks are for everyone to throw their toys out of the sand-pit and blame each other. Still there are more great resorts in the region they haven’t been too yet so in a few months they will have another go.


  1. A possible sustainable solution could be achieved if the US will claim the region as another US state, for the Israelis hardly a change, for the Palestinians and Abbas always dreamed of having a US Passport, it’s a win win solution; badluck for the weapon industry though!!

    • Yeah a good idea, thanks for the comments. The US might like to take over but they also like having the Israeli’s around to do some of the dirty work for them in the area. I am always happy if the weapons industry misses out.