April 20, 2019

Ferrari escape further punishment over ‘team orders’

Haha Felipe I can confirm that I - Fernando Alonso - are faster than you - bye

The US$100,000 fine given to Ferrari by stewards at the German Grand Prix for using ‘team orders’ has been upheld. The FIA have decided to impose no further punishment for the incident where Felipe Massa was told cryptically to let Fernando Alonso pass him.

Even though the rule breech of article 39.1 [the ban on team orders] was quite blatant it was widely expected that Ferrari would not get any further sanctions because – well because they are Ferrari.

Just rub it in to other law abiding teams the FIA also ruled that “The judging body has also acknowledged that article 39.1 should be reviewed and has decided to refer this question to the Formula 1 sporting working group.”

So what that means is that the FIA acknowledge that Ferrari broke the rules, but to avoid any such inconvenience in the future the rules should be changed to make what Ferrari did legal again.

The prancing horse sure does have some power with the powers that be. As for the fans? Well we just want to see the best man on the day win. If a driver has earned the win on the track he deserve’s it.