July 19, 2019

Hurricane Earl – Evacuations possible on U.S Atlantic Coast

The flip side of Hurricane Earl as seen from the International Space Station. Looks like a whipped cream meteorite has hit the earth.

Hurricane Earl is set to bring storm surge flooding and high winds to the U.S. Atlantic Coast by the weekend and evacuations may be neccessary.

The huge weather system is currently classed as a category 4 hurricane and is hitting the southern Bahamas. Earl’s maximum sustained winds are at 135 mph (215 kph). It is a large storm, with hurricane-force winds stretching 70 miles (110 km) from its center and tropical storm-force winds extending outward some 200 miles (325 kilometers).

At this stage hurricane Earl is expected to turn up the U.S. Atlantic coast by the weekend with possible landfalls in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and eventually Cape Cod, Massachusetts. By then it will be a category 2 tropical storm but still packing 90 mph winds and storm tides.

Yesterday, a National Weather Service coastal advisory was in effect for the eastern coast of Florida, mostly due to Earl’s presence in the Caribbean. The advisory warned that dangerous rip currents and rough surf are possible. “Dozens of rescues along with one surf-related fatality were reported over the past few days in very hazardous ocean conditions,” the advisory said.

Newswarped thinks that Earl is an unlikely name for a Hurricane. Katrina yes – she was a stroppy cow, but Earl? With a name like that he should be lazing around on a beach in Jamaica. Not whiping up storm surges and farting at 135 mph all over the Carribean.