May 24, 2019

Ijaz Butt claims conspiracy to defraud Pakistan Cricket

How many fingers am I holding up? Five? so thats the fifth ball of the third over. At least that is what they are saying in bookie circles.

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt has launched a counter attack against the ICC. Among his claims are that England players were paid to lose the third ODI against Pakistan. Butt said “There is loud and clear talk in bookie circles that some English players have taken enormous amounts of money to lose the match. No wonder there was such a collapse.”

I guess after such a miserable summer for Pakistan in England on and off the field that it might be reasonable to assume that the only way Pakistan was going to win was if England were paid to lose.

Of greater concern should be how the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket knows what the talk is in “bookie circles.”

Sick of being investigated Chairman Butt says the PCB has launched an investigation of their own into an alleged conspiracy by “august cricket bodies”. Butt says “this is not a conspiracy to defraud bookies but a conspiracy to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan cricket. We have taken it in hand to start our own investigations. We will shortly reveal the names of the people, the parties and the bodies involved in this sinister conspiracy and we also reserve the right to sue them for damages”.

Newswarped suggests that there will be little evidence produced to back up these claims. Just like there will in the end be little evidence to nail down the latest claims against the Pakistan Cricket team, made by the Sun Newspaper.

What will happen though is that the image of cricket will be further harmed and the stench of corruption will take a long time to clear.

There is apparently no truth to the rumour that the ICC is fast running out of things to investigate. It would be good though if there was a moratorium on any new investigations until they cleared the backlog that is already underway.