June 25, 2019

Jewish aid boat sets sail for Gaza

Irene leaves Cyprus. Maybe the small Turkish flag up the mast is a wee bit provocative for our hyper-sensitive friends in the Israeli military.

An aid boat sponsored by global Jewish activist organizations set sail on Sunday from Cyprus to Gaza, despite the Israeli military blockade in the occupied territory.

The boat, named Irene, was carrying 10 passengers and crew, including Jews from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Israel.

Organisers said “The boat will attempt to reach the coast of Gaza and unload its aid cargo in a nonviolent, symbolic act of solidarity and protest — and call for the siege to be lifted to enable free passage of goods and people to and from the Gaza Strip.”

The boat’s cargo includes children’s toys, musical instruments, textbooks, fishing nets and prosthetic limbs, the organizers said. It is going to be hard for the Israeli Authorities to conjure up tails of hidden missiles from amongst that cargo.

Richard Kuper of Jews for Justice for Palestinians said “Israeli government policies are not supported by all Jews.”

Just to show that the media likes to talk up a story, newswarped has had a chuckle that some media outlets are describing the Irene as an aid SHIP. It is in fact a small yacht.

Well done to the organisers for coming up with something small enough so the Israeli commandoes can’t land on it from helicopters.

The Irene is due to arrive in Gaza tomorrow, but don’t bet too much money on it.