February 23, 2019

Letterman knew Phoenix was faking it

Of course he wasn't faking it. Everyone wants to look like this. It is a wonder the Homeland Security mob didn't lock him up for being an arab terrorist lookalike.

Letterman writer Bill Scheft claims David Letterman was in on Casey Afflecks, Joaquin Phoenix documentary hoax I’m Still Here from the beginning.

Casey Affleck admitted to the New York Times last week that Phoenix’s behaviour on the Letterman show was staged for his camera: “It’s a terrific performance, the performance of his career.”

Just where Phoenix’s career goes from here is anyones guess. There is a decent chunk of the movie going public who won’t take too kindly to being told something is completely genuine only to be told months later it was actually fake.

Scheft, said in an interview last year that “Dave knew about it and Dave loved it because he could play along.” Not many believed him at the time because of Affleck’s strenuous denials that Phoenix’s bizarre behaviour on the Letterman show was faked.

Ironically Joaquin Phoenix returns to the Letterman show this week. Now that his hip-hop career is in tatters, what next for Emperor Commodus?

At least for Casey Affleck, he can now make headlines in his own right instead of being tagged as Bens brother all the time.

Below is the original Letterman interview. Have a look for yourself and decide if Phoenix is a gifted actor or a dork.