July 19, 2019

newswarped.com changes to free advertising

Newswarped has changed its advertising policy to better reflect the values it holds. A recent run-in with google about advertising gave me time to reflect on what we wanted to see in our advertising.

Google adsense is convenient but I found that while the adverts displayed broadly had some relevance to the page content they didn’t always reflect our values.

I have decided that we will cease paid advertising and offer up our promotional slots to not for profit organisations. Any organisation that fits our broad criteria of making the world a better place for all living creatures and protecting the environement is welcome to contact us about advertising at griff@newswarped.com .

Organisatons such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International, World Vision and Fairtrade are examples of what we are talking about. We would rather that these excellent movements were able to spend as much of their money as possible on frontline help and lessen the need for expensive marketing.

If newswarped can offer free advertising space it is only a drop in the ocean, but if other websites do it then we can achieve something good.

Obviously cutting off advertising revenue leaves us with a website to maintain and no income. We have placed a donation button on our homepage in the hope that some readers might be in a position to put some spare dollars our way. We are non-profit making but do need to cover the costs of our operation. We did look a the numbers we would be dealing with by referencing the guidelines for non profits at https://www.edgeonline.com.au/seo, although bleak we are not dissuaded and will carry on. The future prefers the bold.

If you like our content and agree with what we are doing but can’t afford to help, then please hit the ‘like’ button on our Facebook widget on the sidebar and show your support.

The world is full of adverts for dating websites and discount cards but we feel there are more important issues at stake that need to be highlighted, like the persecution and suffering of fellow humans and the destruction of the natural environment.