May 24, 2019

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il promotes son

Official Kim Jong-un portrait. Looks like he goes to the same tailor and hairdresser as daddy. Now he just needs some glasses to complete the 'Kim' look.

Kim Jong-un the youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has been appointed vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party and to the party’s Central Committee.

Kim Jong-il has been more ‘ill’ than ‘Jong’ in recent years and the promotion of his youngest son is seen as getting his succession sorted before the 68 year old pops off to join pops Kim Il-sung in wherever it is that North Korean leaders park up after they die. No, the use of ‘park’ was not intended as clever pun on the popular Korean surname.

Little is known about Kim Jong-un other than that he is about 27 years old and was educated in Switzerland. His two older brothers who have been overlooked for promotion have not tweeted yet about how they feel about things but we can guess that they are overjoyed at Kim Jong-un’s rapid rise.

Not only did “dear leader” daddy promote ‘Lil kim’ to the Military Commission and Central Committee, he also made him a four-star general. Kim Jong-un must be very talented because he has no known military experience and he certainly wouldn’t have learnt much about making war in his time in Switzerland.

The Workers’ Party which promoted Kim Jong-un and also re-elected Kim Jong-il as leader was having its first meeting since 1980. It is not mentioned how long it took them to get through ‘matters arising’ from the last meetings minutes. A lot can happen in thirty years.