June 27, 2019

Oil Rig Explosion in Gulf of Mexico – deja vu

Each tiny yellow dot is an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico maintained and operated by humans - this is cause to be nervous

Explosion has badly damaged an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. All 13 crew members have been rescued from the surrounding water.

The rig is owned by Texas based Mariner Energy and is in relatively shallow water of around 105m. Mariner says that the rig was undergoing maintenance at the time and was not in production.

The US Coast Guard has reported a small oil slick stretching out from the platform, but it is expected to be rapidly dealt with by the clean-up vessels dispatched to the site.

In the aftermath of the deepwater Horizon – BP disaster which is still in major clean-up mode, the whole area is still very much in the media spotlight. If someone sneezes on a rig somewhere in the Gulf it is news.