May 24, 2019

Russian passenger plane lands from 35,000ft with no power

Honest boss I lost power and had to glide the plane down, that's why it ended up in the tree's

Russian pilots have safely landed a Tupolev-154 passenger plane in Siberia after the aircraft lost power at 34,800ft.

In what the Russian media are describing as a ‘miracle’ none of the 81 passengers and crew were injured when the plane made an emergency landing at a disused military airstrip on Tuesday.

The plane was on its way to Moscow from the Siberian city of Polyarny when an electrical fault caused its fuel pumps to fail and the engines shut down. The pilots also lost their navigation equipment and radio.

After decades of news reports of Russian airliners crashing and burning is is fantastic to see one make it down ok. Rumours that world airlines are looking to the ‘long glide’ landing technique as a fuel saving measure are unconfirmed.

Being an airline pilot in an emergency like this is one of the few jobs in the world were you only get one shot at getting down safely, and failure means certain death.

So no pressure guys and well done. You might get the odd Christmas card from passengers and cabin crew this year. Even a bottle of vodka or two. Don’t drink that on duty. It would add an extra degree of difficulty for future adventures though. 35,000ft glide – yeah been there done that. 35,000ft glide while rat-faced on vodka now thats a challenge – anyone want to buy a ticket? Adventure tourism Russian style – cool. It’s got a 100 percent safety record.