July 17, 2019

Teen birthday party cancelled after 21,000 accept facebook ‘invite’

We resisted the temptation to put a photo of Rebecca online. The poor girl has had enough publicity for a lifetime.

British teenager Rebecca Javeleau has had her 15th birthday party cancelled after she accidentally invited 21,000 guests to her home via Facebook.

Rebecca meant to invite only 15 school friends to her October 7 party, but accidentally made details available to everyone on facebook.

Within hours she had received thousands of RSVPs from strangers. Her mother Tracey has overreacted and cancelled the event citing catering concerns.

This has not put off other Facebook groups who are still advertising it and even inviting people along to pre-parties and after-parties in the town of Harpenden.

Police fear some party goers may still attempt to come. You think? Teens obeying requests from authorities to stay at home? It would be a first but unlikely.

Newswarped thinks that Harpenden should get ready for a rapid lowering of the towns average age in early October. Ah the power of social networking. Everyone should bring a present for poor Rebecca because her mum says that she is going to be lucky to get a card from her and she has taken her PC and internet away.