May 24, 2019

UN Enquiry says Israel broke international law over flotilla raid

If the Israeli commanodoes wanted to go on a Mediterranean cruise then they should have booked and paid like everyone else.

A UN Human Rights Council investigation says the Israeli military broke international laws during its raid on the Gaza aid flotilla in May which lead to the deaths of nine people.

The investigation panel said the Israeli response to the flotilla was “disproportionate” and “betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality” when commnadoes were used to seize the vessels.

Israel insists that its soldiers acted in self-defence during the raid and dismissed the Human Rights Council as being biased, politicised and extremist.

So that means we have had the Israeli military enquiry and now the UN Human Rights Council Enquiry. Don’t depair all you Enquiry lovers out there. The full Israel Enquiry is still going with its two independent observers for added credibility. There is also the UN enquiry – ordered by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon – that has yet to report back.

What we can be sure of is that no one is going to be happy with the various outcomes and very little will change from either side as to how they respond to these crises in the future. Perhaps we might even end up with the ‘enquiry nirvana’ of having an enquiry into the enquiries.