March 21, 2019

Worlds biggest offshore wind farm opens in UK

The new slalom course for oil tankers off the coast of Kent. It also produces electricity.

The world’s biggest offshore wind farm has opened off the British coast near Kent in Southern England.

The 100 wind turbines, capable of supplying enough electricity for 200,000 homes a year are operated by Swedish energy company Vattenfall who invested $1.38 billion in the project.

The Thanet offshore farm covers an area of 35 square kilometres, equal to 4,000 football fields, Vattenfall said. There go those football fields again, the standard international measure for just about anything. It is not as big as Spain though.

Apparently the waters around Britain are immensley attractive to windfarm operators because of an abundance of wind. It is claimed that an offshore wind turbine in Britain produces 50 percent more electricity than a similar one in Germany. Nice to know the English can beat the Germans at something. Who needs football when your turbine blades spin faster.