July 17, 2019

Anna Chapman Maxim Photo shoot tribute to James Bond

Anna Chapman - Yep there she goes again. Doesn't it get cold in Russia?

Russian spy Anna Chapman’s latest photo shoot with Russian magazine Maxim has taken her global profile to another level.

Ever since the Russian spy was deported form the United States in July she has managed to become an international celebrity. Facebook photos of her online were picked up by the American media and made her a star.

The initial plans of moving to the United Kingdom courtesy of her failed marriage from where she got a British passport and the Chapman surname were thwarted when the Home Office inthe UK revoked her citizenship.

So remain in Russia she did. A photo shoot for Heat magazine made sure her celebrity was not the 5 minute fame variety. She is now employed by a bank, but that seems little more than a title.

The new shoot for maxim magazine is a homage to Bond girls and she seems to be enjoying having a large gun and not so large costumes. she must be the most popular Bond girl never to have starred in a James Bond movie. Newswarped feels a Bond cameo coming on for the next movie.

Newswarped has followed Anna Chapmans story since her initial arrest for spying. Her increasing lack of clothing means she has probably reached the limits of what we are prepared to publish. The next stop is probably Penthouse or similar artistic magazines which will be a step too far for us. Not for millions of facinated fans though.

Don’t be surprised if Anna ends up running for the Russian parliament when Comrade Putin runs for President next. She is just his type.

We leave you with Maxim’s lavish quote in describing Anna’s contribution to Russia – “Anna Chapman has done more to excite Russian patriotism than the Russian soccer team.” Well we are not so sure it is patriotism that is getting excited.