May 19, 2019

Aussie Sally Pearson stripped of 100m gold medal

Well done Sally Pearson on winning the 100m. Hang on whats that git in the suit and tie doing shaking his head?

Australia sprinter Sally Pearson has been sensationally stripped of her gold medal in the women’s 100m after a night of confusion at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Pearson draped with an Australian flag circled the Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex track in celebration and conducted interviews as the gold medal winner.

But four hours later Pearson officially lost the race after a confusing series of protests from rivals after Pearson was deemed to have false-started.

The drama began when English runner Laura Turner was disqualified for false-starting in the final, although it appeared that Pearson may have also jumped the gun. The official timers had Turner starting 0.001 of a second in front of Pearson.

Confusingly Turner was still allowed to run in the final (under protest)once the field had been recalled, although she came last and was later officially disqualified.

England successfully appealed against Pearsons win and Australia lodged a counter-appeal. Understandably Pearson the Olympic 100m hurdles silver medalist was left in tears.

Apparently medal presentation officials had been told to present the gold to Pearson on Thursday, and arranged the flags accordingly, but were stopped at the last minute, reportedly due to a secondary appeal lodged by the Nigerian team.

Pearson said “They were calling us, we came out of the medal holding room and we were ready to go. They had my flag there, they had the Nigerian flag as well – both the girls flags and mine – and we were ready to walk out.” But the ceremony was stopped because of another appeal.

It is unclear if the appeal was from the English hoping to get fourth place getter Kathryn Endacott into a bronze medal position, or from the Nigerian team whose runner Osayemi Oludamola came in second.

Either way Pearson has lost her gold medal. Newswarped is lodging a protest against the English and Nigerian teams for un-sportsperson like behaviour.

Turner was allowed to run under protest and came last. All England were doing was trying to get Pearson hung for the same crime so they could get a bronze medal for Endacott.

As for the Nigerians, perhaps they sould have settled for silver instead of a gold won through manipulating inept officials.