May 24, 2019

BCCI evicts Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab from IPL

Kings XI Punjab - all the best and thanks for the memories. BCCI please try and think about the fans and not your own ego's for a change.

The BCCI has ejected Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab from the Indian Premier League on charges of transgression of shareholding and ownership norms that threatened to “shake the very foundation of the tender process.”

The IPL chose to invoke powers vested with it to terminate a franchise contract with immediate effect at an emergency meeting of the governing council held in Mumbai today.

The two franchises are now considering their options. A statement from Rajasthan Royals pointed out that it had never received any notice from the BCCI and hinted at legal redress without explicitly mentioning it.

The Punjab franchise said its legal team was studying the BCCI’s decision, which it called unfair and not in the IPL’s collaborative spirit, and hoped for negotiations to settle the issue.

However, a top BCCI official was quoted by ESPNcricinfo that IPL 4 was almost certain to feature only eight teams. “These two teams [Rajasthan and Punjab] cannot come back,” he said. “IPL 4 will have only eight teams.” Asked if the BCCI would draft a fresh tender process to replace Rajasthan and Punjab, he said that would happen only if the Kochi franchise failed to resolve its internal disputes.

BCCI president Shashank Manohar said the decision had nothing to do with Lalit Modi both Rajasthan and Punjab have co-owners who are relations of the ousted IPL chairman.

Newswarped says that this is everything to do with Modi. The BCCI has allowed good old fashioned politics to wreck a great competition. They have allowed their petty squabbles over power to cloud their judgement.

In doing so they have ignored two important things. The integrity of the game of cricket and the fans who pay their hard earned money to support their teams.

No warning and no recourse for Punjaband and Rajasthan? What about the millions of dollars they have invested? You arrogant self serving dictators. Do you think you can wipe away the fans as easily as you did those franchises. If they have done wrong then there are constructive ways of dealing with it other than instant execution.

Administrators eh? It is a universal rule in sport that they are normally capable of stuffing up a perfectly good competition just because they want to get even with someone in what is usually a petty dispute.

Newswarped supported the Kings XI Punjab. Would the BCCI please tell us who we are supposed to support now? We think there is no way that the BCCI would ever have thrown out a team like the Mumbai Indians and made Sachin Tendulkar unemployed. No this is only about getting even. The punishment does not fit the crime.